A Step Above Limo Service Now Offers Free Cost Estimates

Charlotte, North Carolina – Focused on ensuring customers get the best value for money, A step above limousine service eliminated all costs associated with estimates.

“One of the goals of A Step Above Limousine Service is to make party bus rentals in Charlotte affordable for everyone,” the company’s CEO said during the announcement. “One of the things the company has done is remove all costs that don’t provide direct benefit to customers. Now that estimates are 100% free, customers can contact the reservations office to see how much point Charlotte party bus rentals can be affordable.

The company would like to use the free estimates to help potential customers make the right decisions without spending money on the decision-making process. The company’s CEO told reporters that the aim was to eliminate the idea that luxury rides are only ideal for extremely wealthy people.

To better understand how A Step Above Limousine Service works, visit the company’s website: https://www.astepabovelimo.com/.

“When the company first started offering party bus limos in Charlotte,” the company’s CEO said, “some of the first complaints the reservation desk team encountered were from ordinary people who thought the rides luxury would not be affordable to them. This was made partially true by the fact that even getting an estimate for a party bus ride often required travelers to spend money. One of the customers said, “These rides are for corporate executives. How can the companies that hire these party buses tell potential customers to pay to find out how much they will pay for their ride?” This question changed the way the company works when it comes to travel cost estimating. First, the company reduced the cost of estimates and then wiped it out completely.”

“Traveling in a group makes expenses more manageable for everyone,” added the company’s CEO. “When customers book the company’s affordable party bus rentals in Charlotte, they are permitted to travel in groups of up to 50 people. This allows them to share the overall cost of the trip. Even for people on a strict budget, cost sharing makes the price each person pays more manageable. Traveling in a group not only makes travel much more affordable, but also allows people to have fun together.

A Step Above Limousine Service reports that it has party buses ideal for all group sizes. Its smallest party bus rental in Charlotte seats 12 people while its mid-size party buses can carry 12-20, 21-30, and 31-40 people. When the company’s customers are planning a big event, the company offers its largest party bus with a capacity of 41-50 passengers.

“None of these party bus vehicles will require customers to pay cost estimates,” said the CEO of A Step Above Limousine Service. “What’s even better is that the company has already made it extremely easy for customers to get estimates and quotes for their trips. For customers who prefer to make their plans over the phone, there is a dedicated line that remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company also has a website that allows customers to fill in their trip details and to get an instant quote. The reservation office does not make customers wait.

A Step Above Limousine Service would outfit all of its vehicles with luxury amenities to make rides fun for its customers. At a very affordable cost, customers can enjoy televisions, drinks, a stereo system, club lights and much more. The company uses these conveniences to help its customers avoid getting bored in traffic.

A Step Above Limousine Service offices are located at 1917 Scott Futrell Dr, Charlotte, NC 28208, USA. For a free quote, customers can call +1 704-605-1108 or email [email protected]

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