A step above the limo service has a new mini bus available a 35 passenger Freightliner M2 mini bus

Charlotte, NC – Striving to make group transportation easier, A Step Above Limousine Service today unveiled its new Mini Bus. The new Freightliner M2 is perfect for medium-sized groups, carrying a maximum of 35 passengers.

The new vehicle comes just weeks after A Step Above Limousine Service received complaints from a customer who ended up hiring the company’s black 56-passenger MCI J4500 coach to transport a group of just 32 people.

In the complaint, the customer noted the following: “I have been using A Step Above Limousine Service for 3 years. I have enjoyed a wide variety of services from the company, ranging from personal limo service to airport transportation service The company has always been perfect, keeping time and having the most reliable drivers, however the company failed to meet my needs for my wedding transportation. ‘vehicle to handle medium sized groups. This meant that I couldn’t find a good minibus for my group of 32 people. However, as usual, the company agreed to offer me a discount for the biggest vehicle she owns – she charged me a very affordable price for her 56 passenger coach, however I would like to suggest to the CEO that we consider getting us a minibus for future medium sized group trips.

The CEO of A Step Above Limousine Service noted that the Freightliner M2 is just the start for the company. The company plans to add more vehicles to meet the needs of medium-sized groups. Over the next few weeks, A Step Above Limousine Service will be investing in a 28-passenger minibus and a 13-passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter Executive.

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“We’ve been in business for years,” the company’s CEO said, “our inquiries have always come from groups of less than 13 passengers or more than 40 people. We haven’t served many medium-sized groups – that’s why we dithered to get ideal vehicles for groups of 13-35 passengers. However, after forcing one of our customers to use our 56 passenger vehicle, we knew we had to do better the next time someone called us looking for a vehicle for a medium sized group. This is why we have directed our income towards these 3 vehicles. As you can see, the first vehicle – the Freightliner M2 – is already here. We are already ordering the 28-passenger and 13-passenger vehicles. »

A Step Above Limousine Service notes that the new vehicles will be ideal for all types of travel needs. The vehicles will be used for weddings, bachelor parties, balls, bachelor parties, business trips and more. The company will offer customers the option of redesigning the vehicles so that they can meet their needs.

“If you’re going to a party,” the company’s CEO said, “and you need a party bus rental, we’ll let you turn the Freightliner M2 into a party bus. This means that, upon request, we can include a minibar in the vehicle, add a stereo, include flat screen televisions and even add dancing sticks for the ladies who would like to cut the carpet on the road.

The CEO of A Step Above Limousine Service indicated that the company will hire a new driver for each vehicle added to its fleet. Some of the qualifications each of the drivers will need to have to be accepted into the team are interpersonal skills, the ability to keep time, and at least a decade of driving experience.

“We want our customers to feel at home in our vehicles,” said the CEO. “Drivers who have interpersonal skills will put our customers at ease. With years of experience on the road, the drivers will ensure maximum safety.

The A Step Above Limousine Service office is located at 1917 Scott Futrell Dr, Charlotte, NC 28208, USA. To reserve a party bus, call +1 704-605-1108 or email [email protected].


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