Bizarre 1987 Toyota Camry Limousine is for sale

Some vehicles just leave you scratching your head and wondering why this exists. This 1987 Toyota Camry that is currently on sale in Norway is such a machine. If you want that quirk, the asking price is 189,000 Norwegian kroner, or $19,216 at the current exchange rate.

According to the seller, it was one of two Camry limousines made by Toyota. From the outside, there is an additional panel behind this entry door which is partly responsible for extending the length of the vehicle. Behind this there is a massive door. Although it doesn’t seem to have a handle on the outside. The Camry’s conventional rear door is at the very rear. The front and back appear unchanged.

Inside, there are seats for eight people. All the upholstery in the passenger compartment is in blue velvet. The carpets are the same color and the door panels are grey. A wooden cabinet has a cup holder, small TV and storage space. A transparent panel separates the passenger area from the driver’s cockpit.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, there’s no way to tell it’s a limo unless you look in the rearview mirror. Everything looks like a stock ’87 Camry. At least in the US, you would expect a limo to have an automatic transmission, but this one is a five-speed manual.

The listing only indicates that this vehicle has a 2.0 liter engine. The GLi 2.0 badge on the rear indicates that this model has a four-cylinder available with 119 horsepower (89 kilowatts) or 126 hp (94 kilowatts), depending on whether the model is equipped with a catalytic converter or not.

From the photos, the body appears to be in good condition, especially considering the age of this Camry. Inside, one of the seats has major tears in the upholstery.

The seller gets rid of the Camry limo because the person is moving and has no space to store the vehicle. As a bonus, the seller has a regular Camry of the same generation and is ready to negotiate them as a lot.