Chase credit cards may repay you for the cost of meals and housing if your holiday is postponed | Citrus North

  • Please be aware that the deals listed below are current at the time of writing but are not guaranteed to remain so.
  • You may be reimbursed for expenditures like meals and housing if your flight is charged to your Chase credit card.
  • You and your traveling companions might get up to $500 each if your flight is delayed for more than 12 hours (or 6 hours if you use a card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve®).
  • Over a year, my family was able to save over $1,500 because of this benefit.
  • Here’s how to use Card Benefit Services, a partner of Chase, to make a claim online.

It’s never pleasant when your flight is delayed. Camping out in front of your gate is an unpleasant way to pass the time, but it may also result in you having to pay for food, drink, and a hotel room if your flight is delayed overnight.

You can be reimbursed for unanticipated charges if you book your trip with an excellent credit card. Like the Chase Sapphire Reserve, many Chase credit cards such as CitrusNorth Alabama Loan allow compensation for travel delays. A year of travel delay-related charges on my Chase Sapphire Reserve® has netted me more than $1,500 in reimbursements.

Chase’s travel delay reimbursement benefit is explained here, and the actions you’ll need to take if you ever need to file a claim are also described in detail.

In this section, we’re concentrating on the benefits and incentives offered by each credit card. It’s not worth paying interest or late penalties on these cards. When using a credit card, pay off the whole debt each month, deliver on time, and only charge what you can afford to pay back.

Chase credit cards that cover travel delays

When you buy your ticket with an eligible Chase card or use Chase Ultimate Rewards points, you may qualify for trip delay reimbursement to help cover your costs if your flight is delayed for an extended period.

This coverage is available on the following Chase credit cards:

  • Sapphire Preferred® (annual cost of $95) from Chase
  • There is a $550-a-year charge for Chase Sapphire Reserve®.
  • Cards from Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® (yearly charge of $95)
  • The Hyatt Credit Card ($95 yearly fee) is a part of the Hyatt experience.
  • There is an annual charge of $95. However, the first year is free. UnitedSM Explorer Card
  • Cardholders get a $0 introductory annual cost the first year, followed by a $99 yearly fee.
  • A yearly charge of $525 applies to the United ClubSM Infinite Card.

The following Chase cards, which are no longer open to new applicants, also have this coverage:

  • Credit cards issued by the Ritz-Carlton
  • United Mileage Plus Plus one for President
  • Chase Ink Plus for Small Business
  • The Sapphire Reserve Card from Chase

While all other cards give coverage for 12 hours or more delays, only the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and the Ritz Carlton card offer coverage after a six-hour delay (or overnight).

How Trip Cancellation Insurance Works

For example, if you purchased a hotel room in advance and could not use it because you were delayed overnight, you will not be compensated for the hotel reservation at your destination.

In the guide to perks for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, the following is an explanation of this perk:

Traveling outside your city of residence for more than three hundred and sixty-five (365) days is not considered a covered trip. Hazards include equipment failure, adverse weather, strikes by workers, and hijacking or skyjacking. This consists of any land, marine, or air vehicle that has a valid license to carry people for hire and requires the purchase of a ticket in advance of the journey. Neither taxis, limousine services, commuter rail or bus lines nor rental cars are included in this figure.

How to get Chase to compensate you for a canceled or delayed trip

Card Benefit Services, a third-party provider, handles all of Chase’s claims administration. You may begin a claim for travel delay compensation by visiting their website.

You may be asked for more papers not specified here, and not all of them will apply to every trip delay.

Planned activities

An explanation from the airline (or another common carrier) why your flight was canceled or delayed. You may just ask for a “Military Excuse at the gate.” If you don’t get a response from your airline’s customer care department, you may need to write a letter to them.

A bill of lading

Keep a copy of all of your invoices and payment confirmations. You’ll need a receipt for everything you’re requesting compensation for. Even though they will accept credit card charges for meals under $50 per person, you’ll need permits with itemized details instead of a credit card charge slip.

Please do not give up if you reach this last stage without all of the required papers. You may submit your claim without attaching any documents and return to add them later or send them to [email protected] for processing.

Once your papers have been reviewed by the claims examiner (it states five business days, but it usually takes a little longer), you will get a letter (likely through email and US mail) stating whether or not you need any more documentation. If everything is in order, you’ll get an email informing you that your claim has been granted and asking whether you’d like a paper check or direct deposit for your refund. Within a few days of providing that information, you should be able to access your cash.

You’ll have to make an effort to acquire more material if they need it, or you can improve the clarity of what you’ve previously supplied. Before my claim was finally granted, I had to go back and forth with Card Benefit Services a few times. In some instances, perseverance is essential!