Harvey Weinstein’s limo driver testifies about his travel history before Hollywood Mogul trial in Los Angeles

Former film producer and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein’s limo driver has testified about his work for the producer. The testimony makes him the first witness in the producer’s upcoming trial in Los Angeles, ‘Variety’ reports. According to ‘Variety’, Alfred ‘Freddy’ Baroth was called in for first testimony because prosecutors in Los Angeles feared his health could prevent him from appearing at the trial, which still has several months before he is set to stand trial. artwork. The driver’s testimony made extensive reference to travel records and invoices that established Weinstein’s presence in the city on various dates in 2010 and 2013. Harvey Weinstein had threatened to replace Peter Jackson in The Lord of the Rings.

Harvey faces 11 counts of rape and sexual assault in incidents involving five women between 2004 and 2013. Baroth, whose testimony was videotaped, argued he picked up Weinstein from Clay Lacy Aviation – a charter jet service based in Van Nuys – at 5 years. :30 pm on February 17, 2013. He then said that he then drove Weinstein to the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, where Weinstein often stayed during his trips to Los Angeles. An Italian actress and model told the LA Times in 2017 that she spoke to Weinstein at the festival and that he showed up after midnight at the Mr. C Hotel near Beverly Hills and raped her forcibly, a claim that Weinstein’s attorneys have denied. stating that he was not at this hotel. Harvey Weinstein has again pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault charges against him.

According to Baroth’s invoices, he worked 8.5 hours on that date, including 30 minutes before and after Baroth’s ride, suggesting he must have dropped Weinstein off at the peninsula around 12:30 a.m. According to records, Harvey left town in February. 20, 2013. He is also charged with the sexual assault of another woman which allegedly occurred the day before February 19, 2013. The driver was also asked to list two other visits by Weinstein, November 4-8, 2010 and May 6-11, 2010. Weinstein faces charges of rape and forced oral sex following an incident on November 5, 2010, and a sexual assault charge on May 11, 2010.

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