Hon. Zino Lexili Ogazi, arrives by limousine for his inauguration as the 4th President of MODUGA

Queen Zee arrived like royalty in a black Stretch limo, ready to walk the National Theater red carpet with her brother; Eric Michael Ogazi, the young vice president of Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy and Supreme Dynamic Agency, they arrived with little miss Kiki, the youngest model and actress of Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy and Supreme Dynamic Agency.

Queen Zee herself wore a floor-sweeping emerald green gown adorned with green sequins as she strutted down the red carpet, protected by MODUGA Police.

The President of the Models Union of Ghana showed off her grand presidential entrance on Instagram, captioning the photo:

“Ladies and gentlemen; SHE, Arrival of EL PRESIDENTE @models_union_of_Ghana! 04.15.2022”

When your father and your brother; @eric_floy are awesome; you pull up in a limo for your inauguration as President of the Models Union of Ghana.

Passion is the spark that lights your path to success and creates masterpieces along the way, while real stars rise to the top not by chance but by purpose and passion, I learn and I tries to lead brilliantly.

Dear Modeling Industry in Ghana, I am extremely honoured, thank you for appointing me as your President!

I am a strong believer in facts, non verba. Together we will rewrite the history of the modeling industry, join me on this journey to make a difference and solve all problems. ‘

MODUGA is the ONLY government-approved regulatory body for the modeling industry in Ghana, with the aim of providing the modeling industry in Ghana with governance experience and guidance.

At the swearing-in and launch event, President Zino’s administration launched FACE OF MODUGA, a Ghana Models Union product and initiative, founded by the 4th President of the Ghana Models Union. models from Ghana; Hon. Zino Lexili Ogazi, as his strategy for the organization, with a focus on accelerating growth and creating value.

The mission of MODUGA Face, a unisex modeling competition, is to create well-rounded individuals who are fiercely passionate, bold, creative, talented, bright and ready to grab the stars, while exposing Ghanaian models to the international modeling industry . , art scene and broaden their horizons while changing stereotypes one day at a time.

Introduction of the new MODUGA Government Executive Division

A major new division has been introduced which is the MODUGA POLICE FORCE (MPF), also known as the eagle eye of the modeling industry, founded by the fourth president of the Ghana Models Union; Hon. Zino Lexili Ogazi, the force is led by MODUGA POLICE FORCE, INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE; Benjamin Nana Addo Asiedu, popularly known as Zion Benjamin or Zbenjafrica.

He was appointed to manage this position, on the basis of his firmness, independence and impartiality, others are; police commissioner, Glenn Zime and deputized by Felivan Ayariga and a host of other junior officers.

The Ghana Modeling Industry Awards 2022 were also launched and MODUGA Board members were also sworn in.

MODUGA is essential to growth ambitions and presents a good opportunity for growth in the modeling industry in Ghana.

So, with her extensive leadership experience even in her early twenties, Queen Zee, as she is affectionately known, will play a key role in the growth and strategic progress at the regional and national levels of the Organization.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to lead an organization that cares deeply about the sustainable growth of our modeling industry.

I am passionate about the future of MODUGA and its prospects for business, industry and especially the models living and working here in Ghana.

I look forward to leading the Models Union of Ghana organization, through this time of change and the opportunities this will bring to the organization and the industry it serves. said the Hon. Zino, president of MODUGA.