Hongqi H9+ is a luxurious Chinese limousine

The Hongqi H9+ is a new stretch limousine based on the Hongqi H9 sedan. It is available in different two-tone color combinations and with a very luxurious and arty farty interior. The H9+ will hit the Chinese car market soon, and Hongqi has also developed a variant for the government.

We reported on the H9+ in September last year when it was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show. The car in the photo is a concept, with a visually wider B-pillar.

Power comes from a supercharged 3.0 V6 engine rated at 283hp and 400Nm. The engine is mated to a 7-speed DCT, sending horsepower to all wheels. It’s a huge car: 5337/1904/1493mm, with a 3260mm wheelbase, which has been lengthened by 20 centimeters compared to the regular H9.

The H9+ gets a nice new logo on the B-pillar, with the + on the left side of the 9, making it +9 instead of 9+. I guess it’s art. Hongqi says the logo means “forever”.

20-inch multi-spoke wheels are a work of art and exclusive to the H9+. According to Hongqi, the wheel design was inspired by the Forbidden City in Beijing.

The basic interior design is the same as on the regular car, but Hongqi has added a boatload of extra leather, dark wood and fancy patterns.

The extra wheelbase provides plenty of legroom. Infotainment screens are fully integrated into the front seats. Buyers can specify various arty farty panels in their car. If you don’t like red with cubes, you can opt for…

…pictures from Chinese fairy tales, or you can opt for…

…classic Chinese flowering tree stuff.

The limo comes standard with a fridge, champagne bottle holder and glasses. The +9 logo is on the head restraints.

The ceiling is decorated with images of other flowering trees.

The red color is called ‘Hongqi Red’. Naming a car color after your own brand is a little weird, but not cool.

This is the variant for government use. It’s a bit more basic, with standard H9 wheels and a simpler front bumper. But it has the majestic flagpoles.

Via: XCar, 163.