Inside ‘The Beast’ armored limo, Joe Biden drives to Queen’s funeral

JOE Biden’s eight-tonne, £1.2million armored supercar – nicknamed The Beast – is the safest vehicle in the world.

Equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, it can withstand devastating bomb attacks and even point-blank gunfire.


US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden leave London Stansted Airport on their arrival in the UK to attend the Queen’s funeralCredit: PA
Joe Biden is well protected inside


Joe Biden is well protected inside “The Beast”Credit: AP

The armored doors are 8 inches thick – the same as a Boeing 737 – and are sealed to resist biological and chemical attack.

The windows are made of five layers of polycarbonate glass.

The night vision cameras are contained within the grille while the tires are Kevlar reinforced and can run on its steel rims.

The huge engine, also known as the Cadillac One, is even longer than two big SUVs and is painted black to conceal its elaborate array of high-tech safety features.

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And while dozens of world leaders are bussed to Westminster Abbey for tomorrow’s funeral, US President Biden will be laid down at The Beast.

The extraordinary vehicle is in an entirely different class than the Range Rover Sentinels or Jaguar XJs used by British Prime Ministers.

Instead, Mr. Biden’s limo is a bespoke model that was delivered in 2018 and is built on a General Motors TopKick chassis that is normally used for utility vehicles like small trucks.

The armor is said to be made of aluminum, ceramics and steel.

The front windshield can withstand armour-piercing bullets or a .44 magnum, and the body is military-grade and five inches thick.

Reinforced undercarriage with roadside bomb resistance and fuel tank is explosive resistant.

There are seven seats: two in the front for Secret Service agents and four in the back.

Only the driver’s side window can be opened, and in the trunk are cases of the president’s blood for an emergency transfusion.

Other features include shotguns on board in the event of an attack and an oxygen system in the trunk in the event of a chemical attack.

A number of guns are hidden in the front grille of the vehicle and can be used to shoot an attacker.

The Beast is equipped with night vision cameras and appears to run on diesel due to the oversized rectangular fuel filler door.

Joe Biden's huge Cadillac dubbed The Beast is loaded with security features


Joe Biden’s huge Cadillac dubbed The Beast is loaded with security features

Other reported features – the Secret Service declines to comment on specifics – include James Bond technology, such as smoke screens and oil slicks to shake off anyone pursuing them.

The Beast is part of a fleet of 12 which cost around £14million and the rest are used for foreign dignitaries.

The vehicle, along with the rest of Mr Biden’s motorcade, will be flown to the UK in a C-17 Globemaster transport plane.

Also in the motorcade is the president’s own communications antenna which is a mobile phone tower attached to the top of a car in his motorcade.

In a vehicle, a military aide carries the “nuclear football”, which is the briefcase that stores instructions in the event of a military attack.

Another vehicle is the presidential ambulance in case of emergency.

One of the few times the Beast broke down was in 2013 when a driver put the wrong fuel in it during a trip to Israel.

The blunder left organizers scrambling to find a vehicle that could take former President Barack Obama around Tel Aviv.

He was not on board at the time.

And in 2011, during a trip to Ireland, he got stuck on a speed bump outside the US Embassy in Dublin.

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Tim Miller, a former Secret Service agent who now runs a security consulting firm, said: “It’s literally designed to deal with the full scale of threats out there.

“Don’t forget that he is the commander-in-chief of the strongest military force in the world.”

'The Beast' or Cadillac One costs £1.2million


‘The Beast’ or Cadillac One costs £1.2millionCredit: Getty