Maruti Suzuki WagonR lying in a limo [Video]

The concept of stretched limousines in India is brand new. Although the country does not have a suitable authorized alternative to convert existing vehicles into stretched-looking cars, we have seen many of these modified vehicles running on Indian roads. One such example has appeared on the web, where we can see a Maruti Suzuki WagonR converted into a stretched car, making it probably the longest version of WagonR we’ve seen to date.

In a video uploaded by a YouTube channel named ‘Crazy XYZ‘, a few youngsters took a first-generation model of the WagonR and converted it into a super stretched limo. For the project, the WagonR was cut in half from the middle, thus dividing it into two parts. After that, the two halves are then connected by four different long iron beams, with their two ends welded to the four corners of the two halves. There are additional pillars on the sides and cross members at the top and bottom to stiffen the car’s frame.

After modifying the basic structure of the WagonR, the roof and floor of the car were then covered with hard plywood. The side profiles of the modified car are covered with thick plastic sheets to completely cover them. During the vehicle modification, the fuel tank was repositioned from the rear to a separately constructed box behind the co-pilot’s seat to hold it closer to the engine. The rear brake lines were also redesigned during the modification process.

To give the car a finishing touch, the entire plywood-covered floor has been carpeted in a red color, while curtains behind the front seats give the car a private cabin feel. There is also a large 6×4 mattress held down to give it a lounge experience inside.

No mechanical modification

Other than these changes, there are no other mechanical changes made to the WagonR, including its engine, which has not been retuned to handle the added weight of the heavily modified chassis. Despite all the changes, the car manages to move forward without any problems and seems to drive smoothly. However, due to unfinished work in the exhaust system, the vehicle makes a lot of noise when in motion.

While the boys’ effort to turn the WagonR into a limo might seem honest at first glance, the overall result looks very unfinished and gruff. It makes the whole car look like a half-done job, which was bound to happen because the whole process was done using basic cutting and welding tools.

Such types of modifications can make a car look different and attract a lot of attention on the road. However, this type of mechanical modification is not advised at all. These heavy and timid modifications not only tarnish the whole structure of the vehicle, but also make the vehicle unfit and illegal to use on public roads.