Next-generation Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine 4-seater unveiled

The Carnival sold in India continues to be the previous generation model, but we expect the next generation model to arrive in 2022

  • The highlight of the cabin are the two luxury seats draped in quilted leather.

  • A 7-inch touchscreen controller can operate AC power, ambient lighting, foot massager, and a 21.5-inch monitor.

  • You also get folding tables like on an airplane.

  • Cooled/heated cup holders, wireless smartphone charging and wooden floors are some of the other new features.

  • This new 4-seater variant is sold only with a petrol engine.

Kia introduced a new 4-seater version of the next-generation Carnival which can only be had with the top-of-the-range Hi-Limousine variant of the MPV. It converts the aft cabin of the Carnival into a luxury 2-seater space.

The biggest change is the two luxury forward-facing rear seats, similar to those you usually see on airlines. A huge headrest, full recline function, generous calf support and a quilted leather surface means you’ll be comfortable in these seats for hours. Kia also offers a foot massager in this configuration for the left rear passenger.

The space between the seats offers a padded support, a wireless charger, control buttons and a 7-inch touch screen that allows you to access the various features.

such as ambient lighting, air conditioning, foot massager or even a 21.5-inch monitor.

The center console also houses tables that can be used for working on a laptop or having a meal. Once their work is done, they can be neatly stored in the center console.

Kia has also added features like cooled/heated cup holders, cold/warm storage and a regular storage space in front of the right passenger that can be used to store items like a pair of shoes. The use of premium materials is not limited to the seats or the walls of the cabin, but you will also find wood on the floor. Kia has also retuned the Carnival’s ride quality, in this case to deliver a more plush ride.

The 4-seater Hi-Limousine variant of the new-generation Carnival can only be offered with the offered 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine. The older generation Carnival sold in India is only offered with a 2.2-liter diesel engine mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Chances are that the next-generation Carnival, which is expected to arrive in India in 2022, will be offered with a diesel engine only. However, many new car buyers have started to focus on gasoline vehicles again, which could push Kia to introduce the gasoline engine as well.