Prime Aces Limousine, Singapore’s Premium Ground Transportation Company, Announces Sustainability Effort to Offset Carbon Footprint

Let’s celebrate Earth Day 2022, that of Singapore Premium ground transportation service provider, Prime Aces Limousine, announces its sustainability efforts to offset its carbon footprint by pledging to plant 1,000 trees.

SINGAPORE, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Prime Aces Limousine, that of Singapore premium ground transportation company is the first in its industry to take steps to offset its carbon footprint for the future and the past. To offset the carbon emitted by all their journeys since the creation of the company 4 years ago in SingaporePrime Aces Limousine starts by planting 1,000 trees by Earth Day, the 22ndn/a April 2022.

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Founder of Prime Aces Limousine, Lim Zhi Min, emphasizes the company’s goal of delivering unparalleled value in ground transportation, it also understands the need for businesses to be sustainable. He said: “We aim to become completely carbon neutral by 2035. To achieve this, Prime Aces Limousine will take action today, to at least offset the carbon footprint we have created..”

To achieve this milestone, Prime Aces Limousine will work in partnership with Ecomatcher, the world’s first digital platform that helps businesses increase their commitment to sustainability. Through a process known as transparent tree planting, Ecomatcher provides information to stakeholders about where their contributions are going. This prevents greenwashing, ensures that every tree is planted and cared for, and holds everyone in the supply chain accountable.

The process is built on Blockchain technology for full supply chain traceability, and an app – Tree Tracker – allows a contributor like Prime Aces Limousine to have visibility into every tree. This way there are no hidden surprises and Prime Aces Limousine is assured that their contributions truly pave the way to offsetting their carbon footprint.

Share on future sustainability efforts for Prime Aces Limousine, Lim Zhi Min said it will take steps to eventually replace the entire Prime Aces Limousine fleet with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. He said: “The first electric vehicle will be available for rental by the end of 2023.”

Lim also shared that Prime Aces Limousine customers will have the opportunity to support them in their quest to become a more sustainable business. Customers can choose to donate a small amount on each trip to plant a tree as a gift for loved ones, or rent an electric vehicle in the near future.

About this sustainability effort, he added, “Sustainability is nothing new and can be challenging, especially for large organizations. But taking a step today can begin to make a difference for our shared planet tomorrow.

About Prime Aces Limousine

Prime Aces Limousine is the leading premium ground transportation provider in Singapore. Since its inception in 2018, Prime Aces Limousine has received an SME 500 award, is recognized by Tripadvisor among other reputable brands and is highly rated by its customers as can easily be seen on their Google Business page. The company offers airport transfers, private city tours, hourly chauffeured charter services and much more.

Prime Aces Limousine has grown tremendously and attributes this to its professional and skilled team members who strive to provide the best possible service to their customers.

About EcoMatcher

EcoMatcher is the world’s first digital platform that enables companies to increase customer and employee engagement in sustainability through planting SMART trees. What is SMART tree planting? Companies can adopt trees, via the platform, which are planted by approved foundations specialized in tree planting. The platform provides access to data about these trees, such as the location of the tree and the farmer caring for the tree. Businesses can use trees for meaningful gifting, rewards, loyalty and engagement programs.”

CONTACT: Lim Zhi MinFounder, [email protected]

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