Proposed Mack truck dealership for former Milford Connecticut Limousine location

MILFORD – A Mack truck dealership is offered at the former Connecticut Limousine site in Milford.

The owners of Bridge-Haven Ford Truck Sales, Inc. have offered to use the 43,960 square foot building at 230 Old Gate Lane for a new location. The plans are presented to the Planning and Zoning Council at its September 20 meeting.

Currently, the plaintiff, Bridge-Haven Ford Truck Sales, Inc., has an existing location at 401 Old Gate Lane called Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd. Ford, GMC, Hino Trucks, Izuzu Trucks and Kenworth Commercial Services, among others. .

“It would be a second location,” said John Schmitz, representative plaintiff. “The new location would sell, rent, lease and service a different brand of trucks than the 401 Old Gate Lane site.”

Gabrielli Truck Sales, Ltd., opened in 1966 and currently has 19 sales and service outlets and, in addition to selling commercial trucks, also offers rental or leasing contracts.

According to the application filed with the Planning and Zoning Commission, the existing building will be renovated and reduced to approximately 41,000 square feet, with approximately 36,000 square feet of retail space. The renovation will also include improvements to the parking lot and landscaping, as well as the installation of a storm water system.

According to the application, no negative impact is expected on the resources of the coastal zone and approximately 28,000 square feet of impervious surface will be converted into green spaces.

If approved, construction of works at the site is expected to begin in the spring of 2023 and be completed later that year.