This is Hongqi’s new Chinese state limo, but don’t ask them for details about it

The new Chinese state limousine developed by Hongqi has been spotted on local roads for the first time.

This vehicle is currently known only by its code name, N701, and this example was used to transport President Xi Jinping on a recent trip to Hong Kong. It is reported that only 50 examples of the N701 will be produced for official state functions over the next decade.

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Automotive News China notes that the vehicle appears to be over five meters long and images show that the side windows have been stretched from the B-pillars to make the second row as spacious as possible. The front of the N701 shares some similarities with the luxurious H9 sedan that Hongqi sells to the public and features a similar chrome grille with pronounced vertical slats. The headlights, however, are slightly larger than those of the H9.

The front of the N701 also features Hongqi’s famous red flag pattern extending over the hood and has two small flag holders on the fenders. It can also be seen rolling on a set of chrome wheels. The rear is relatively understated and sports chrome trim on the tailgate and simple rectangular taillights. A pair of large tailpipes are also visible.

Vehicles like the Hongqi N701 that are used for official state functions in China are generally kept secret. As such, the technical specifications of the car remain a mystery, but it is speculated that it will feature either a turbocharged V8 or a V12, two engines that Hongqi already offers in its lineup.

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