Trump was in an SUV after the Jan. 6 rally, not a presidential limo

Shortly after former White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson appeared before the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, uprising, social media users supporting the former president Donald Trump rushed to undermine key moments in his testimony.

Hutchinson was an aide to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows. Hutchinson said Tony Ornato, the White House’s top security aide, told him that Trump, after his January 6 rally, insisted on going to the US Capitol with his supporters. And as he was being driven back to the White House, Trump rushed behind the wheel after Secret Service agents refused to take him to the Capitol, Hutchinson told Ornato.

Although Hutchinson testified under oath on June 28, some social media users implied or explicitly argued that she was not telling the truth about Trump.

Several widespread Facebook posts showed an image of Trump in the back seat of a presidential limo commonly known as “the Beast”, away from the driver. The messages suggested that Trump was driving in the same limo on January 6 and therefore could not have reached the wheel. (Hutchinson repeatedly referred to “the Beast” during his testimony before the committee.)

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But Trump did not ride the presidential limo pictured in Facebook posts as he left his rally at the White House Ellipse. Trump was in an SUV that day, a Secret Service spokesperson confirmed to PolitiFact.

A C-SPAN video of Trump’s speech at the rally — which the House Select Committee showed Jan. 6 during Hutchinson’s testimony — shows the presidential motorcade leaving the scene. All vehicles were SUVs.

The photo of the limo shared in the Facebook posts was not taken on January 6, 2021, reverse image searches revealed. It was photographed in 2020 and shows Trump in the vehicle after landing in Santa Ana, Calif., according to a caption on Shutterstock.

There is no evidence that Trump was in the presidential limo shown in Facebook posts after his January 6, 2021 rally.

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